5 reasons why retail window displays are so important


Attracting shoppers’ attention on a busy high street or in a lively shopping centre is no mean feat. Especially if they’re already on a mission to go elsewhere.

You literally have a few seconds as shoppers are passing to offer up something to make them stop. And once they’ve stopped you need to get them moving again… through your door. This is where your window retail display can be your best friend. According to NPD Group research, window displays influence purchases an average of 24% of the time. That’s a big sales tool.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at why window displays play such an important role in the retail environment.

What is a retail window display?

But first, let’s establish what a retail display is. It’s your shop equivalent of a book cover (and we do all judge). It’s a first impression to shoppers, a little preview of what’s in your store. So you need to make it tempting enough for them to wander in.

5 reasons why retail window displays are so important:

#1 Elevating you above your competitors

Anything that gives you the edge over your competition can only be a good thing. You’re all vying for attention and a clever retail window display can make sure yours is the one shoppers look at.

#2 Driving footfall and shopper traffic into the store

This is probably one of the most important reasons to have a window display: to encourage people in store. You don’t just want passers-by to stop, you want them to come in. Make your display attractive and intriguing and they’re more likely to venture inside.

#3 Highlighting special offers and promotions

Window displays are the perfect platform for promoting special offers, product promotions or best buys. Everyone loves a bargain, so use your window display to shout about them!

#4 Showcasing new products

There’s a reason why brands and retailers use the window display to promote the newest smart phone, the latest pair of trainers or the next big thing in tech. Because this is the prime place to be. Giving shoppers a little hint of what they could be missing out on is a sure-fire way to tempt them in.

#5 Harmonising with your wider campaign

Your window display can suite in with TV adverts, social media campaigns, billboards, and bus stop posters. This is a great way to add brand consistency and continue the customer journey, driving them in store. One great example of this is seasonal TV adverts being replicated and reflected in retail store windows. Using the same theme or content as other marketing tactics really brings your brand out into the spotlight.

So your retail window display is a really hardworking area, managing a multitude of tasks. It’s one of the most effective sales and marketing tools you have… use it wisely and you’ll soon be reaping the rewards.

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