5 Ways to Deliver a Top Customer Experience in Retail Car Showrooms


Car sales are often big money transactions, so when customers hit the showroom or forecourt, not only do they expect top-notch service, but they also expect a shopping experience that leaves them feeling valued and inspired, enticing them to part with their hard-earned cash.

Delivering a tip top customer experience is more important than ever before, as it impacts the impression customers have of your brand as a whole and will ultimately be one of the deciding factors of whether they’re going to make a purchase.

Consumers have the power, and we gave it to them… with a little help of the web of course.

In this article we dive into 5 ways that you can deliver a TOP customer experience in a car sales showroom or forecourt…

1. Start the retail theatre on the forecourt 

The customer experience starts way before entering through the sliding doors to your showroom, in fact it starts as soon as your potential new customers turns up on the forecourt. What better way than to take the retail theatre to them.

There are a HUGE number of outdoor branding products that are perfect for the forecourt, including banners, flags and floor graphics. There are also new sustainable materials that we can use to create outdoor branding displays that are environmentally friendly too!

Starting the retail theatre on the car sales forecourt is an emotive marketing tactic to get customers excited, you’re peaking their intrigue and creating an environment for customers to enjoy. You can also use the retail theatre to guide customers on a journey and into the showroom using strategically placed printed marketing campaign graphics.


2. Create an engaging environment in the showroom

Providing an inviting and engaging environment in the car sales showroom is a great way to improve overall customer experience. This could be something as simple as a retail display of the available car colours that they can take swatches over to a particular car model or a touch and feel of the possible interiors.

Temporary engagement could be life-size cut-outs of celeb influencers that your brand is using that customers can take photos with or an experience booth where if you step inside it’s like being in a top performing racing car.

If you create theatre on the forecourt, you can also take customers on a journey

Creating in-showroom engagement will encourage customers to stick around for longer, as you’re keeping them interested, plus improving their experience too!

3. Run a competition

Competitions can be localised or part of nationwide or regional campaigns, either way, everyone loves a competition and for a sales showroom environment, a competition can also be a great way to collect potential customer data.

Large format printed graphics can be a great way to create temporary campaign graphics that can be put up around the showroom. There are many possible options for high-impact branding, all of which are ideal for temporary campaigns that can be removed quickly and easily after use without causing any damage to the permanent surfaces underneath.

We can create temporary campaign graphics for car sales showrooms including window vinyl’s and building wraps, printed floor graphics, flags, banners and more!

We’ve helped to create short-term pop-up experiential marketing campaigns for a huge number of brands and retailers, including indoor and outdoor events, retail pop-up shops and seasonal campaigns. You can see what we can do in the Work section of our website.

4. Consider the use of digital technology

Digital tech is a great way to get retail environments to work harder than ever and compete in a competitive market. Technology can set you apart from the competition and help to sell your products, all by offering a unique educational experience.

Digital technology can help to create immersive experiences that encourage customers to visit a physical store and with the rise of online car sales through the COVID-19 pandemic, is encouraging for car sales showrooms.

New age tech such as Virtual Reality (VR) can be used for customers to experience the inside of a racing car whilst it speeds around the track, Augmented Reality could show customers what a new war would look like on their driveway or in-showroom screens could educate customers on the features and technical data in an interactive way.

When used together, digital print and tech can create a retail point of sale match made in heaven. We’d love to show you how…

5. Thrill Customer Senses with Light, Sound and Movement

This is a fantastic way to offer an experience that ecommerce simply cannot replicate. Engaging with customer senses is a powerful weapon that can dominate the retail environment and provide an appealing experience in a car showroom retail setting.

A positive effect of multi-sensory engagement can peak shopper emotions, through valence and purchase behaviour, through time spent in the store and purchase. So, in simple terms if you appeal to a customers 5 senses, they’re more likely to purchase!

Light can be used to highlight a podium on which a car sits, as featured lighting to highlight eco products or within light box fabric display graphics.

Combining light and movement, new technology has given fabric display light boxes the ability to display different graphics when lit up, engaging the customer, and attracting attention as the display changes.

The use of scent can transition a customer into an emotive state, after all who doesn’t love that new car smell!

There are hundreds of creative ways to appeal to customer senses in car retail showrooms, we’d love to be able to chat them through with you and help you to improve the in-showroom experience for your customers.

Are you ready to create a Standout Customer Experience in your showroom?  

We’d love to help you with your next car sales showroom display. Get in touch with our team on hello@kgkgenix.com, we’d love to say hello back!

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