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KGK Genix apprentices

We’ve teamed up with Walsall College, the most experienced learning provider in the graphics and sign-making sector, to provide opportunities to young people interested in a career in large format print.

“Investment in the future of our most important asset, our people, is paramount to securing the future of the business and indeed the exciting industry we work in” says HR Director, Matt Walsh. “We invest in the development of staff all at levels right from apprentices just starting out in their career, to staff making the jump into management, through to senior managers working towards master’s degrees”.

Despite the many challenges caused by the coronavirus pandemic, we have been lucky to onboard multiple new clients and continue to invest in the best technology, making sure we’re 100% ready for when client activities return to normal.

“The Coronavirus period has been undoubtedly a tough time for us all, but our successes during this time proved that there is still a strong requirement for high-quality print display solutions,” commented Group Operation Director, Graham Pitts. “Looking forward, it is clear that the remainder of this year will still be very challenging, but we are making sure we have all the resources, skills and creativity in place to maximise opportunities when the demand increases.”

Even during a global pandemic, our apprentices successfully completed their NVQ Level 2 In Sign making and Graphics and have all been offered full-time roles in production and installation.

Sam Harris, a tutor from Walsall College explains ” I began working with KGK Genix in 2019 as an assessor to their 4 Sign making apprentices. I was astounded by the scale of the company to the point of which I was jealous of the apprentices having such an opportunity in being apprentices there.”


Meet Harvey

Sam Harris said ‘Harvey was the youngest of my apprentices and as such naturally had the most to gain from the apprenticeship. However, he also had the furthest to come through the programme of no previous job experience, straight from school. Harvey had his own challenges through the course, not helped by COVID-19, which at times looked like he may have stopped or given up completely on his learning. To his credit, Harvey knuckled down and put his everything into finishing the course. He has a great amount of talent as a part of the print team but can also transfer his skills across to other parts of the business. A talented young sign maker with a bright future ahead of him.”






Meet Harrie

Sam Harris said “Harrie was potentially one of the most enthusiastic and honest apprentices I have assessed to date. From the start of his apprenticeship, it was clear that Harrie wanted to excel at his role in the installation team and become an invaluable part of KGK Genix. Harrie’s knowledge and skills developed very quickly which I believe was primarily because of his high drive and enthusiasm. He communicated well throughout the course with an attitude that some might say was beyond his years. He is a natural leader, a credit to the company and a profitable future awaits him within the Sign making industry.”






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