How we made a cardboard conference display stand


In September 2022 we exhibited at the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce Sustainability Conference, where a bunch of like-minded, environmentally conscious business professionals got together to network and listen to keynote speakers talk about the many topics surrounding sustainability.

With so many eco-friendly print and display solutions in our portfolio, we decided that this would be a great opportunity to showcase exactly what can be achieved with sustainable print technology and materials.

Why did we design a cardboard conference display stand?

There were a few reasons why we designed our conference display stand this way…

Firstly, the event was focussed on sustainability, so we wanted to design a stand that was made from sustainable materials and could ultimately be recycled. Our stand was made from a thick, corrugated cardboard material, giving it strength and stability whilst having that very big tick in the recyclable box too.

The second reason was we wanted to showcase what we can do. When we booked the stand space, we were offered a trestle table and a couple of chairs, the thing is, we’re a visual, creative, print and display agency, so our brains almost exploded with the ideas we had to use the space more effectively. We simply had to create something ourselves.

Thirdly, we didn’t want to put our eco display stand straight into the recycling, and instead wanted to create something that we could use again, and again, whether it be for future events or around our office. So although the display was made from cardboard, the thickness of it makes it extremely robust.

More about our sustainable conference display

The self-standing concertina backdrop was designed to fit the size of the space, maximising the visual opportunity available to us. The backdrop was formed using two separate cardboard pieces, which were easily screwed together using sustainable fixings. The installation was complete in just a few minutes.

A handy storage space was formed by including kickback panels on each end of the backdrop. This gave us the ideal and discreet space to hide coats, bags, and other items that we didn’t want event visitors to see.

We designed a cardboard counter and four stalls, so that we could invite stand visitors to sit and chat with us throughout the event. The cardboard counter and stalls were all printed in our unique sustainability campaign print pattern using environmentally friendly inks and printing processes.

Mounted to the countertop was a reusable enclosed tablet display playing a short video about our business and some images from our portfolio. The energy used to power the tablet was offset to ensure there was no associated carbon footprint.

The raw edges make it obvious the display is made from a corrugated cardboard material, naturally drawing a crowd of intrigue and lots and lots of attention. We lost count how many times people asked if they could sit on one of our stalls! It was great to see people interacting with our products whilst offering a needed moment of rest too.

Why eco materials are great for exhibition stands and conference displays

The amount of waste generated from the events industry is totally out of control. Display stands from exhibitions, conferences and other temporary events are often one-time use and after the last visitor leaves, displays promptly end up in landfill. This must change.

There are a number of environmentally friendly materials that can be used to create exhibition or conference display stands that can be recycled, repurposed, or reused. For example, we have a fabric material that is made from recycled plastic bottles and can be recycled into menage chippings for equestrian training grounds. Or strong cardboard materials that can be made into exhibition or conference backdrops and sets, just like the one in this article.

Eco-friendly print and display solutions have progressed significantly over the last few years, with new materials and substrates being introduced to the market all the time, and working with our suppliers, we’ve tried and tested them all! We’ve now researched and developed an exclusive ECO range that offers the best-of-the-best.

In fact, the possibilities from eco-friendly materials meant that we created this…. a completely sustainable exhibition stand! Read more about our eco-friendly exhibition stand.

Eco-friendly doesn’t mean more expensive…

There is a common misconception that sustainable print and display solutions can be limited in creativity and come at a higher price. We’re pleased to tell you, this is absolutely not true! Environmentally friendly print and display solutions can be just as creative and can cost less too.

Could an eco-friendly conference display stand be a good fit for your business?

If you’re considering an eco-friendly display stand for your next conference or exhibition, then we would absolutely recommend it. Our conference display stand was so well received at the event, not only because of the visual impact it made in the exhibitor hall, but also due to its sustainable benefits.

We now display our conference stand in the office and use it for internal meetings or for breakout space.

Would you like to discuss an eco-friendly display stand for your next event? Drop us a line on or call us on 01920 461244

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