Introducing KGK Genix


We are delighted to officially launch KGK Genix, a multidisciplinary agency providing creative services, large format printing, project management and installation solutions.

KGK Genix has been formed as the result of a merger between Genix Imaging, KGK Print and KGK Creative. The new company will provide end-to-end graphics and display solutions for the retail, events, exhibitions and construction sectors.

Create. Print. Manage. Install.

As separate companies, KGK and Genix have worked together for many years. We share company and cultural values and have forged such close working relationships that we have been informally providing the full-service solutions we are now offering as a merged company.

As two well-respected brands, we are stronger together. We are now a creative solutions provider, although we will continue to provide large format printing services, graphic design, promotional goods and installation services separately if that is what you are looking for.

The strength of a one-stop shop lies in the in-house expertise. Our graphic designers understand the printing process and the difference between large format and ‘ordinary’ printing. We will project manage campaigns from concept to delivery, ensuring not only that everything is done on time and in budget, but also that we can advise on what’s possible and suggest innovative ways of making things more creative so they stand out from the crowd.

Meet the team

If you’re already a client of KGK or Genix, you probably won’t notice much difference in your day-to-day dealings with us. The only thing that’s really changed is the management team structure. The new CEO is Ken Pitts, and the directors of the merging companies will make up the new Board.

Ken is delighted with the merger, ‘I’m delighted to showcase the merging of two fantastic companies with this stunning new website. This is the start of an exciting new synergy bringing together talented individuals, all working together to provide the best possible service for all of our clients, new and old. I’m looking forward to a successful future with everyone on board’.

We’re the industry’s best-kept secret

Well, we’re not a secret so please feel free to shout about us, but our merger has so far somewhat slipped under the wire. This was deliberate so we had a chance to carry out any necessary tweaks and iron out any teething difficulties that might have occurred – however, as the two companies have worked so closely together for a number of years anyway, it turned out to be more ‘business as usual’ than shiny new company.


Our headquarters are now based in Harlow, but none of our staff will need to move any further than the nearest kettle! In other words, all our offices remain where they are, with our creative and client services in London W1, and design, production and installation shared between our locations in Essex and Hertfordshire.

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