Office wallpaper: Design your own wallcoverings


Did you know that employee productivity is linked to the working environment? In every aspect: design, layout, space and colour.

The days of drab and dull are well behind us, thankfully, and we’ve welcomed in a new era of zest and life, with zingy interiors designed to uplift and inspire. Boosting confidence, morale and job satisfaction, and getting your employees in even-more-productive mode.

So when you’re looking at decorating, redesigning or relocating, some upfront planning and attention to detail can make all the difference. Helping you create a happy, harmonious place to work.

In this article, we explore ways for you to design your own office wallpaper, transforming your interior workspaces in the process.

Office wallpaper – Transforming the workspace

Office wallpaper is a great way to change the aesthetics of your walls. Large expanses of white or neutral walls can actually lower mood, leading to a lack of productivity.

Colour, however, has the opposite effect. Used cleverly, it can lift mood and even help to define specific areas within an office.

Using large-format, digitally printed imagery can make a bold brand statement, turning a wishy-washy wall into a ‘wow’ wall.

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office wallpaper

Design your own office wallcoverings

We digitally print office wallpaper and wallcoverings on demand, from stock photography or from files supplied by you.

The possibilities are literally endless. From visual themes that run through different areas of the office interior, brand messages, inspirational quotes or just amazing impactful imagery, digitally printed office wallpaper gives an instant interior uplift.

We create office wallcoverings in one-piece, so in most cases they are completely seamless and have no joins or overlaps in the material.

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How to order custom office wallpaper graphics

We have oodles of experience transforming office interiors with stunning digitally printed wallpaper and wallcoverings and we can manage your project from start to finish.

We’ll visit you for an initial site survey, to discuss your office wallpaper requirements, design ideas and talk you through the process. We’ll make sure your office environment is ready to install digitally printed wallpaper or if we’ll need to undertake some surface repairs to ready the wall surfaces for install, ensuring there are no imperfections that will show through.

We can then setup your artwork for you, or you can supply us with print-ready files. We’ll then print your office wallpaper and package it up ready for install.

We’ll organise a date and time that suits you to install your beautiful new office graphics, so you’ll be enjoying your new workspace environment in no time.

Ready to talk to our team about office wallpaper? Drop us a line on 01920 461244 or

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