Sustainable Retail Car Showroom Graphics and Displays: The Ultimate Guide


Sustainability in the automotive sector goes way beyond an increase of electric cars on the road. Consumers are looking at the bigger picture too, and that starts in the car sales showroom.

If you’re part of the marketing department for an automotive brand or retailer, you’re sure to be feeling the pressure and looking for ways to be more sustainable. But surely being more sustainable doesn’t mean stripping back all the retail graphics and point of sale promotion?

Luckily there is a huge variety of environmentally friendly display alternatives that are perfect for car showrooms and forecourts.

In this article, we explore the options and delve into the sustainable alternatives for car showrooms retail graphics and displays.

Car Showroom Window graphics

One thing that every car sales showroom has is a lot of windows. This presents the perfect blank canvas to announce new product launches, special offers and more!

Self-Adhesive vinyl still has a little way to go to tick all of the environmentally friendly boxes, but the good news is there are sustainable alternatives.

We offer an optically clear self-adhesive vinyl that is perfect for glass application that is made from 80% recycled plastic bottles that are taken from the ocean. This material offers fantastic optical clarity and is resistant to UV and high temperatures, so you don’t need to worry about it warping in the heat. It’s also easy to remove and won’t damage the glass surface underneath.

If you’re looking for something that isn’t transparent, then you’ll be interested in our PVC-free self-adhesive vinyl. The sticky stuff is water based and it contains absolutely no harmful chemicals. It’s perfect for short-medium term use and is suitable for interior and outdoor applications! You can even apply it to slightly curved surfaces.

Car Showroom Fabric graphics

Tension fabric graphics are a great point of sale display solution for car sales and showrooms, the key to making them sustainable is by producing your graphics on an environmentally friendly material and using sustainable welt-edging.

By installing aluminium frames (that are 100% recyclable) into your showroom, sustainable fabric graphics can simply be inserted into the frame and can be changed as many times as necessary. Sustainable fabrics that are removed from the frame can also be 100% recycled and often go on to become animal bedding and traffic cones.

Another huge bonus about fabric graphics is your new replaceable graphics can be mailed/couriered in small packages or parcels, so you won’t have hefty logistic fees to get your new graphics to site. That’ll make your procurement department smile.

We use Marine Fabric to create printed fabric displays for car sales and showrooms. This material is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles that are removed from the ocean and completely PVC-free. In fact, you won’t find any harmful materials or chemicals in our fabric graphics at all!

Car Showroom Light Boxes 

Like tension fabric graphics with a little extra punch. Backlit fabric graphics create lively, striking images that are not only eye-catching, but incredibly environmentally friendly too.

Our light boxes also use aluminium frames, the difference is there are LED lights encased in its structure that illuminate the back of the fabric.

We create light box fabric graphics using UV digitally printed inks and dye-sublimation. Both processes create stunning graphics that are ideal for car sales showrooms as our quality printing technology enables high definition in print detail, perfect to show off the features of a new car model, engine, or interior.

Just like normal fabric graphics, we use a material that is produced using 100% recycled plastic bottles that are taken from the ocean. It’s also completely recyclable too!

Environmentally Friendly Wallpaper for Car Showrooms

Printed digital wallpaper can create a standout retail environment for car sales showrooms. Taking advantage of the wall space using large striking graphics creates a marketing suite feel and presents the perfect opportunity for high impact branding.

Our environmentally friendly wallpaper is another product that is cleaning up our oceans and is made from recycled plastic bottles.

car showroom graphics and display

Flags & Banners made from recycled plastic bottles

Perfect for creating theatre on the forecourt of a car sales showroom, our environmentally friendly flags and banners can withstand the outdoor elements.

This material is weaved, so although holds the printed display graphics well, is slightly transparent, making it the ideal option for outdoor branding.

This material is made from 100% recycled consumer polyester and is completely PVC-free. After use, it can be recycled in mixed plastics.

PVC-Free Floor graphics for Car Sales Forecourts and Showrooms

Floor graphics are a fantastic high-impact way of guiding customers on a path or to focus areas in a car sales forecourt or showroom. They can also be used to highlight key features on new car models and in recent times for COVID distancing signage.

In the forecourt as an external application, floor graphics are often used for retail events and promotions and to guide customers in the showroom and to a member of sales staff.

We offer a floor graphic vinyl that can be used as an interior or exterior application for short-medium term campaigns. It uses water based adhesive and is completely PVC-free. We also offer a PVC-free laminate that will protect floor graphics from damage and scratches.

Recyclable Display Boards for Car Showrooms

Often used as directional signage or to display the product details and technical information of a new set of wheels, display boards are seen in all car sales showrooms across the UK.

Our display boards are ideal for inside point of sale or outside as way-finding signage as they are UV resistant and won’t warp, fade, or discolour. This material is lightweight but extremely robust, its scratch proof and heat resistant.

As a sustainable PVC alternative, our display boards can also be laser cut safely and won’t give off any harmful gases. It’s also 100% recyclable in mixed plastics.

PVC-Free Magnetic Graphics for Car Showrooms

Magnetic graphics can be a great way to communicate in-showroom promotions such as price drops, discounts or even giveaways. Often seen in car sales showrooms, magnetic graphics are also used to show off features of a new car model.

Our magnetic graphics are digitally printed and are 100% PVC-free.

Are you ready to create Sustainable Car Showroom Graphics?  

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