Why a one-stop shop is better for large format graphics


large format printing office rebrand

A company that has in-house specialists able to Create, Print, Manage and Install large format graphics and displays will have the knowledge and expertise necessary to understand the entire process.

Large format printing is a specialist art, with subtle differences from other printed materials. Often when an in-house graphic designer sends over the artwork they’ve used to design leaflets, we have to spend time resizing it so it is the correct dimensions for the larger format. Sometimes tweaks won’t work, and we have to return it with instructions on what needs to be done, resulting in delays. This is something we do as standard, but other companies would just print out the artwork they’re given, making the final version less than perfect.


As our creative team specialise in large format printing, they can create designs that are tailored to the format quickly and accurately. This means there are no delays or extra costs involved going back and forth between our printers and your designer to get the artwork right.

Our specialist knowledge of the whole process also enables us to make the project even more creative. At the planning stage we often suggest different ways of creating display stands, window displays and promotional goods that will give an added wow factor, but always within the budget. As we have the printing and installation knowledge to understand what is possible – and conversely what is impossible – you could end up with a more innovative and original display which will grab the attention of potential customers.


We have been specialising in large format printing for many years, and we have the expertise and investment capability to ensure we produce high quality products every time. We will always be ahead of the curve when it comes to innovations in the large format printing world.


You will be allocated a project manager who will take care of the entire process from start to finish. By being involved from briefing to installation, our PMs will not only ensure everything is done on time and to high standards, they will also ensure your project is kept on brand. Having knowledge of the process, as well as your brand and your requirements for the particular project, means that they can make suggestionsfor improvements or innovations as the project progresses. 

Customer service excellence is at the heart of our offering. That’s why we work hard to delight our clients not just with the quality of our work, honesty and integrity, but also with our service and constant willingness to go the extra mile.


Finally, our in-house installers will make sure your project is properly installed. We understand the time pressures you are under – especially when you have a product launch or are exhibiting at a trade fair – and will always have it looking perfect, however complex the job, wherever it is in the world, and however tight the deadline.

We are a one-stop shop 

KGK Genix has been created from two complementary companies that have successfully been working together on projects for a number of years – large format printing company Genix Imaging and graphic design specialists KGK Print. By bringing everything under the same brand, we now provide the end-to-end service of a one-stop shop for large format graphics for retail, exhibitions, events, sports and branding, meaning our clients benefit from our experience, expertise, creativity and professionalism

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