IRIS Software Group

Accountex 2022 Exhibition stand

The brief

Working with 1Worldxzibitz, we were tasked with bringing a stand for IRIS, a leading accountancy software company’s exhibition stand to life with impactful and colourful graphics for Accountex 2022.

IRIS were launching their ‘Masters of time’ campaign at the event and asked for a ‘Dr Who’ themed stand complete with Tardis, as a visual way of demonstrating the timesaving benefits that their software offers.

The stands 98 square metres needed to be segmented into demonstration zones, a silent presentation theatre, breakout meeting space, Tardis photobooth and an interactive time-calculator with live LED wall.

The work

Collectively we created a colourful themed exhibition stand complete with overhead hanging banner to draw visitor attention from across a busy exhibition hall.

To create visitor engagement, a Tardis was installed to the front of the stand and offered professional headshot photography that visitors could take away with them on the day. Colourful, scuff proof floor vinyl was used as a creative way to lead stand visitors on stand and tie into the overall stand theme.

A silent-disco style theatre, complete with podium cube stalls and Bluetooth headphones created a keynote presentation space on one side of the stand, with a lectern and screen for speakers and presentations to take place.

An interactive calculator using software that was especially designed for the show was accessed via iPad and linked to a live LED display wall which revealed how much time visitors could save by using IRIS software.

Demonstration pods designed for space-saving but purposeful use were rebranded from use at previous events and repurposed into double-sided demo stations, with integrated lockable storage.

The campaign included five fictional characters, with actors on stand for the period of the event to enhance visitor engagement and create a buzz.

Artificial foliage was also installed around the stand to soften the stands overall appearance and to segment the space into focus areas.

The result

The client was ecstatic upon arrival, buzzing with excitement. They couldn’t believe how vibrant the colours were and how well the space worked. The flow of the space captured all the requested elements whilst still appearing open and inviting.

The graphics had vibrancy and a sharp finish. The columns were so effective many thinking these were lightboxes as they were so bright and effective. The stand was flawless in every aspect!

“The IRIS Masters of Time Accountex stand stood out from the crowd with its modern and colourful design! Not only was it visually stunning, but also practical and a great use of the space. We had a record-breaking number of visitors on stand and scanned more visitor badges than any other event before. We were extremely happy with it.” Events Manager, IRIS Software Group

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