Lily’s Kitchen

Cat food launch

The brief

Lily’s Kitchen took over the main double sided window of the Wholefoods’ High Street Kensington Store to launch their new premium cat food range. Our task was to bring to life their 2D sketches into a vibrant and eye-catching 3D window display to let both passers-by and those already in the store know that Lily’s were expanding their product range.

The solution

Using traditional print media (and a lot of prototyping) we scaled up the products on a grand scale to showcase the new range, ensuring an unmissable display from either side of the store front. The showpiece of the window was the cat food bag, produced to be an exact large-scale replica. By tweaking the existing print net and adding internal cardboard engineering we were able to create a freestanding bag at a scale ratio of 1:75! Brand Pantone colours were tested and honed across four different mediums allowing consistency throughout the windows.

“Wow, I’ve just come back from the window, it is absolutely spot on! Really appreciate all of your help. The team said you were all great so thanks so much.”



The final measurements of the largest pack were W1431mm x D921mm x H2550mm


Wholefoods asked us to install the windows during the day, allowing passers-by to view the intricacies of the build

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