Introducing the ECO range


eco print alternatives

We offer sustainable and/or recyclable alternatives for all of our most commonly used materials.

The graphics industry is typically a ‘throw away’ industry, most of the promotional items are used and discarded as they have very little commercial value once the promotion is over.

We understand that in order for our clients to be able to minimise what is sent to landfill that we as a company need to be proactive in offering a ‘green’ alternative.

We have been working hard with all of our material suppliers to test alternative substrates for all of our commonly used materials and now we are thrilled to be able to offer a range of ‘green’ or environmentally friendly alternatives. We’d love to share them with you, simply submit your details using the contact form on our website and one of our team will get back to you.

Our overall aim is to have a number of ‘green’ alternatives for every single material that we currently offer. Just another step towards a much greener future for our industry.

Be responsible… Rethink… Recycle… Reuse.



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