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Having produced exhibition stand designs for many years, we have a sixth sense when it comes to knowing what process will work best when creating a successful exhibition or trade show stand.

We understand that exhibiting at an event is a big investment in terms of both time and money. But with so many potential customers and clients in the same place at the same time, the return on your investment could pay dividends for years to come. When you are competing for attention in an exhibition hall full of visual noise as well as actual noise, your stand design really needs to have the WOW factor.

Think of your exhibition stand as a stage set – in fact, we have produced sets for TV, ballet and theatrical productions, so we understand how they work. Visitors are there to do business but also want to be entertained. The more outstanding your set, the more they’ll be attracted towards it.

Attention grabbing

Great stand design is key. Our specialist knowledge, combined with our large format print production expertise, gives us a real edge when it comes to creativity, quality and delivery.

Exhibitions and trade shows attract thousands of visitors every day, and with so many competing brands vying for attention in one space, creative stand design on a big scale will make it much more likely that visitors will notice you. You don’t want to drown amongst the sea of other stands. It’s the visual equivalent of shouting the loudest in order be heard.

Be the stand everyone is looking for

Exhibition halls can seem chaotic and confusing when visitors first arrive, especially when there are so many other people around. They need to orientate themselves in order to navigate through the hall. It may well be that they have an appointment booked, or want to revisit a stand they saw earlier, or find a place to meet up with colleagues. They will be looking for a reference point to help them – if your stand is bold and unique and easily visible, it’s likely they’ll choose you. The more traffic to your stand, the more likely it is that you’ll achieve results.

Go high

Renting exhibition space is expensive so increase the amount of space you have with a double-decker stand. This means you can have more visitors on the stand at one time – and if social distancing is still needed when we can once more visit large scale events like exhibitions and trade shows, you will be able to safely speak to more people, increasing your return on investment. You’ll also have more space on which to make an impact with big graphics and attention grabbing designs!

Our clients operate in the UK and across mainland Europe, exhibiting at some of the most prestigious showcase events. Notably, in the highly competitive entertainment, aeronautical, automotive and travel sectors. It is therefore essential that our attention to detail, delivery and installation are second to none.

Our exhibition stand designers, makers and installers have the knowledge, experience and expertise to really make your next exhibition stand – stand out!

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