Office wallpaper: The benefits of workspace wallcoverings


Did you know we spend, on average, a third of our lives in the office? That’s a long time… so it’s important to make sure this is a place people want to be. A place where they feel inspired and productive.

The working environment can have a direct effect on mood and performance, so get this right and you’re onto a winner.

Office wallpaper and digitally printed wallcoverings can be transformative, dramatically lifting your workspace and giving it a whole new aesthetic. Taking a dull-as-ditchwater wall and turning it into a work of art.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the many benefits of using digitally printed wallpaper for your office interior.

#1 Office wallcoverings brighten up drab, boring wall spaces

Take a plain old wall and add some impactful images, bright colours and strong visual themes and what do you get? A vibrant, engaging workspace that lifts mood and boosts productivity.

For large workplaces, office wallcoverings can have the added impact of creating ‘space within space’, with clever use of colour creating clearly defined areas internally.

office wallpaper

#2 Wallcoverings provide a better working environment for your employees

Large white or neutral walls can make workers feel sad or even depressed. And nobody wants that in their workplace. Dull, dreary office spaces belong firmly in the past. The future is bright.

Colour can really boost mood and mental health, which in turn can have a positive impact on performance. So when you’re redesigning your office space, or if you’re relocating, pay some careful attention to your décor. Surrounding your colleagues with bright, vibrant imagery can inspire them… using endless monotonous tones will have the opposite effect.

#3 Wallcoverings are a great tool for brand messaging and internal comms

Think of a wall as a blank canvas. The perfect place to show company information or values, create a feature wall or to reflect your brand’s personality. The possibilities are endless.

Good branding starts from within. Turning your employees into brand ambassadors, well versed in your positioning and purpose, is a great way to take your brand from the office into the outside world. They can communicate, with passion, to friends, family and potential customers. So instilling it in them every day through your visuals doesn’t just give you a good-looking office: it makes sound commercial sense, too.

Get your people behind your brand and your customers will follow.

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#4 Design your own wallcoverings and themes

Custom wallcoverings provide the opportunity to quite literally pick your own images, style and theme. Whether you opt to use stock imagery, company branding, or your own high-quality pictures, the choice is yours.

We’ve worked with brands on wallcoverings for independent office walls, right through to complete building revamps, where almost no interior walls are left untouched.

Popular office building wallcovering themes include nature, transport and landscapes.

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#5 There’s a huge range of artistic wallcovering finishes

A particular benefit for the creative and architectural minds amongst us.

We can create wallcoverings in a huge range of textured and artistic finishes, such as brickwork, concrete, brushed steel and aluminium tread plates. It’s quite incredible how wallcoverings can look like the real thing.

Wallcoverings are a cost-effective way to create artistic finished to alternative materials, whilst giving the perception of being something else entirely.

office wallpaper

#6 No seams! It’s actually a one-piece wallcovering

We create wallcoverings that are completely seamless. Yes, that’s right. No joins!

Traditional wallpaper has a join roughly every 52cm, and for large office interiors, that’s a lot of joins if you’re wrapping one wall.

Seamless large format wallcoverings create smooth, impactful graphics that look simply stunning.

#7 Office wallcoverings are cost-effective

Customised office wallcoverings aren’t as expensive as you might originally think. In fact, for the impact they have on an office interior, staff morale and overall productivity, you could say they’re an absolute bargain.


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