5 Reasons to choose a Creative Print Partner when planning Commercial Interior Design Projects


Planning commercial interior design projects can be complicated. Often with a huge number of specialist roles and technical creatives involved, the pressure is on to make sure your new design hits the mark and knocks your clients socks off.

In today’s world, trends, technology, and innovation moves fast and if you’re responsible for leading commercial interior projects then keeping ahead of the curve can be the difference between what makes or breaks a new concept.

The print and display industry has moved tremendously over the last few years and now boasts inks, substrates and finishes that can achieve results that would be unexpected from traditional printing methods.

Let’s talk Creative Print Partners. These are the suppliers who break the mould and go above and beyond to test the boundaries of printed media to achieve extraordinary results in commercial interior projects.

In this article, we’re giving you 5 reasons why you should choose a creative print partner for your next interior design project.

1. They know all about the best printing processes

We’ll let you into a little secret… Most people that work in print are total print geeks!

Working in print, you see a huge number of jobs go through the studio and factory presses every day. Many people who work in this industry have been in it for years, and if they’re new to it they’ll unlikely leave. Print is a passion, especially for Creative Printers.

Creative Printers are always testing the boundaries, and so are their clients, so you can bet your bottom dollar that if you’re unsure how to create something, they’ve probably done something similar before or know exactly how to do it.

Creative Printers also have fantastic relationships with their suppliers, who will regularly visit them to present the latest print tech, production methods, materials, or machinery.

2. They know what each material can achieve

An experienced Creative Printer will be able to show you a huge number of case studies where they’ve used different materials to create impactful campaigns for their clients. Their teams work with these materials every day, so you couldn’t be in better hands when it comes to advice and guidance on what material is best for the job.

3. They have the intel on sustainable materials

Sustainability is a hot topic in many industries right now, and interior design for commercial interiors is certainly one of them. These days even interior design clients are leading their brief with environmentally friendly on the top of their ‘must-have’ list.

Sustainable solutions is one of the areas that the print and display industry has excelled over the last few years with more inks, materials, and production methods coming to market and clamping down on environmental impact.

We have collated a portfolio of environmental materials into what call our ECO-range. You can find out more about it by clicking the link below.

4. They’re well connected

Creative Print Partners will have contacts in all the right places. They’ll know the best-of-the-best in all other display type services and they’ll be happy to help you out and team up with other display suppliers to get the job done.

The also often have their own team of experienced installation crew that can make your vision a reality.

5. They know a thing or two about tech 

Technology is creeping into commercial interiors more and more each year. Whether it’s digital screens, experience tracking tablets or fully immersive VR, it’s likely that a Creative Print Partner has experience working with all different kinds of tech.

An experienced Creative Print Partner can help you to integrate tech into your commercial interior project seamlessly, they’ll also know the best way to hide unsightly cables too!

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