Construction hoardings: site graphics and installation


What is a construction hoarding?

A construction hoarding is essentially a line of large solid panel fencing which provides a boundary and surrounds building or refurbishment work going on inside.

Construction hoardings act as a barrier between the public and the site, keeping unauthorised visitors away from potential hazards, and shielding passers-by from flying debris and loud noise.

Hoardings are also a good deterrent to vandals, offering an extra layer of security to the site, and help site managers make sure the area is compliant with all health and safety rules and legislation.

Construction hoarding graphics

Construction hoardings are, by definition, big. And these large and highly visual areas make for the perfect blank canvas for graphics, branding and advertising.

We all probably walk past at least one every day. They’re a key feature of our everyday lives, a lot of the time without us even realising it!

The graphics and messaging used on hoardings often varies. Sometimes the construction hoarding is used to denote what lies behind the panel, such as residential builds, retail store fit-outs or new office buildings. These hoarding graphics are often aspirational, designed to encourage an ‘I’d like to live/work there’ mindset.

Hoardings are also good places for health and safety messaging, like warning unauthorised visitors to keep back, or explaining rules such as ‘hard hats must be worn’.

Construction hoardings in high profile areas, or places with high footfall or road traffic are also great places for advertising and promotions. Often bigger than billboards, they can prove more cost effective, and are more permanent than digital graphics. The big, bold expanses of construction hoardings help brands get themselves noticed, quickly and directly.

Hoarding graphics are also great for adding some navigational aids to the promotion. Arrows, maps, and messaging to direct passers-by to the sales room or show home can have a big impact, while brands and businesses can use this technique to tell potential customers they’re ‘just around the corner’ or ‘two minutes away’. Or advertisers could tap into our natural sense of intrigue, adding some mystique with ‘coming soon’ or ‘watch this space’ type messaging.

How to order a construction hoarding

Ordering a construction hoarding couldn’t be easier… simply give us a call and we’ll take care of it for you.

We can visit the site to measure your construction hoarding requirements and provide more information on the available hoarding graphics options. We’ll also chat you through the entire process so that you know what happens and when.

We’ll supply some templates for you to apply your hoarding graphics artwork, or alternatively if you need some design support, we can create your artwork for you and send it over for approval.

Ready to talk about a construction hoarding for your next project? Drop us a line on or call us on 01920 461244

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