Stretched fabric – 10 things you need to know about tension fabric displays


Stretched fabrics are a popular visual display activation that can be used in corporate workspaces, retail environments, hospitality venues and many more besides.

Often referred to as ‘tension fabric systems’ or ‘fabric displays’, stretched fabrics are pretty much everywhere these days and there are so many great reasons to use them.

In this article, we explore 10 things you need to know about stretched fabric displays.

#1 Can be used in a huge number of ways

One of the reasons that stretched fabrics are so popular – they can be used in so many ways.

On the wall – From simple wall mounted frame displays through to full-scale acoustic wallcoverings.

Wall-mounted stretched fabrics are popular in environments where the image might need to be changed regularly. Think brand messages, campaigns or seasonal changes.

Stretched fabric wallcoverings can be used to cover acoustic sound mechanics or just simply to brighten up and inject some personality into a blank wall space.

Freestanding displays – Stretched fabric makes a great freestanding display, as the image can be updated when required and with an almost frameless view, they are extremely eye-catching.

There are also a wide number of accessories that you can integrate into your display too, such as shelves, monitor arms or magnetic hangers, making them an ideal activation for visitor centres, reception areas, conferences, events and exhibitions.

In the office – Nobody likes a drab office interior. Stretched fabric displays are a great way to add some colour to the office, promote different messages internally or create meeting or breakout areas.

On the ceiling – The ideal solution to hide unsightly cables, air ducts or to enhance the active environment, stretched fabrics look great on ceilings too!

In the retail environment – Quick to install, change over and keep clean. Stretched fabric displays are ideal for keeping up with consistently changing retail campaigns.

Replacement graphics can also be sent in smaller packages direct to store, empowering shop staff to update the campaign when needed and reducing overall carbon footprint.

In the exhibition hall – Okay, so we’ve already mentioned that stretched fabrics are changeable, but for the regular or environmentally conscious exhibitor, it makes them a no-brainer of a display choice.

Stretched fabrics used on an exhibition stand mean that your display will look different at every event, just by updating the fabric graphics. That’s a huge cost saving not to recreate a new exhibition stand design for every event.

Conference sets and staging – Stretched fabric graphics are a popular choice for conference backdrops, stage sets, media walls and press interview backgrounds due to their size, lightweight and ability to be moved around and reused.

Events and experiences – Visual experiences that pack a punch. Stretched fabrics look great when creating part of event environments or immersive experiences. With so many application types you can build tunnels, walkways and walls in order to create encapsulating experiences.

#2 Can be single or double sided

The possibilities for stretched fabrics really are endless. They can be single sided or double sided, it just depends what you want to use it for.


#3 Are sustainable and environmentally friendly

Our stretched fabric displays are 100% sustainable, the frames are aluminium so are hardwearing, but can ultimately be recycled.

The stretched fabrics themselves can also be returned to us and via our waste disposal partners, recycled into menage floor chippings for equestrian centres and then after that recycled into traffic cones.


#4 Seamless and crease-free

Stretched fabric displays are available in a huge range of sizes and are almost always completely seamless. That’s right, no joins!

Stretched fabrics are produced on large format print machines that can create display graphics at such huge scales, so it’s possible to create large activations such as backdrops and wallcoverings.

When stretched fabrics are installed, the tension placed across the graphic also rids of any creases or folds, so your image always presents stunningly crease-free.

#5 Easy to install, and have changeable graphics

You don’t need to be an expert to install stretched fabric graphics, and it’s all possible without special knowledge or tools.

The fabric graphic has a welt-edge that is pressed into the aluminium frame, so construction is easy and once your frames are in place, taking just a few minutes.

The stretch fabric graphics are also changeable, so you can update the visual image as often as you like.


#6 Curves are totally possible

Stretched fabrics can be curved and rounded to create tunnels, semi-circles and other arched displays. This is possible by manipulating the metal framework during manufacture.

Curved stretch fabric displays also create impactful hanging banners above exhibition stands, helping get your brand noticed from across a busy venue hall.


#7 Transportable

Depending on your activation, it might be possible to transport your fabric display, so can be dismantled easily and packed away into carry or wheeled cases to be moved around to different locations.


#8 They’re cost-effective

With the ability to use time and time again, it makes stretched fabric cost-effective.

#9 Can be used as light box displays

Stretched fabric displays are impactful, but as light box displays, they are in a league of their own. Light box stretch fabric displays pack real punch, they are a great way to give your brand and message an extra lift.


#10 Modular design

Stretched fabric frames are built using a modular system, so they can be scaled to almost any size or configuration. They can also be connected too to create super-wide format displays.


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