What is window frosting and why is it important?


Window frosting is a form of vinyl application onto glass that is designed to create privacy, whilst still enabling light to filter through.

Also known as glass manifestation, window frosting is designed to make the presence of glass obvious. It is a health and safety requirement to apply manifestations to some glass doors, glass partitions and screens to make sure the solid glass is evident and prevent injuries from people walking into it.

Window frosting can be unlimited in style, as it is available in a wide range of colours and can be cut into different shapes to create amazing visual artwork on glass.

Window frosting in offices and workspaces

Window frosting is a popular method of highlighting glass partitions and complying to health and safety rules and creating private meeting spaces in corporate office environments.

Glass manifestation in workspace environments ranges from solid blocks of window frosting vinyl, right through to intricate creative brand activations.

office window frosting

Window frosting in retail

Brands and retailers like to get creative with window frosting, using it as part of the toolkit to create eye-catching window displays for their store windows in the high street or shopping mall.

Unsurprisingly, window frosting is a popular vinyl activation for winter window retail campaigns, creating snowy or icy retail theatre.

Creative and colourful window frosting

We can create window frosting using high-quality stock imagery, supplied imagery or your brand’s attributes, creating a completely unique and customised interior.

colourful window frosting

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