Move to Zero

The brief

Nike asked us to help them implement their new flagship store campaign, Move to Zero.

Move to zero is Nike’s journey towards zero carbon and zero waste to help protect the future of sport. The campaign enables consumers to follow each step of their journey and discover new ways to move to zero together.

As part of Nike’s commitment to sustainability, their stores use a number of back-lit and front-lit fabric frames that after use, can be recycled into equestrian menage and training ground chippings that create a smooth and shock-resistant floor covering for horses.

The work

The Move to Zero campaign completely taook over the store, with graphics in the windows, in the brand space on entrance and throughout the store at multiple customer touch points to both promote the campaign and also educate customers.

The feedback

“It was really important that our material choices matched the sustainable message of this campaign. KGK Genix have provided a plethora of material options for us to explore a more sustainable approach to our retail branding 365 not just this campaign, educating us along the way. It’s always great to have the experts in the room – challenging us to test the latest and greatest sustainable solutions on the market.” – Marketing Manager, Nike.

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