Universe Corner Shop

The brief

Selfridges asked us to help them bring a cultural collaboration between artist Victor Vasarely and fashion designer Paco Rabanne to life in their iconic Corner Shop.

The brief was to turn the retail space into a museum-like experience, closing off natural light to preserve art pieces and offering a totally unique, immersive visitor experience.

The work

To close off natural light, we wrapped the storefront windows from the outside the store, using a layering technique to provide a metallic backdrop for the art showcase within the Corner Shop, whilst also creating a visual promotion for the campaign from the high-street.

Other external windows to the Corner Shop that are visible from inside Selfridges were also wrapped to block out any other natural light and to promote the campaign.

We dressed the walls and surrounds for LED screens to enhance the environment and installed blackout graphics to in-store lightboxes showcasing campaign messages.

To tell the story of each piece and lead the visitor experience, we created museum style labels and cabled them to the store fixtures to add to the overall theatre. We also designed a range of Dibond® wayfinding signage to compliment the store’s industrial look.

A printed floor graphic measuring an impressive 23 metres in length and nearly 8 metres wide was installed to further enhance the immersive experience.

The result

The Universe campaign was an absolute showstopper, grabbing the attention of shoppers as soon as they walked through the doors.

“It looks amazing! Thank you to you and the team!” Design Manager, Selfridges.

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